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Melalui Crafters, kami ingin memberikan kontribusi untuk perkembangan industri kreatif di Asia Tenggara.

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Shout out to all Crafters!!!

Kami di GetCraft, memiliki misi membuat bisnis kreatif lebih efisien, membuat para kreator semakin sukses, untuk kelak mereka menguasai dunia!

Untuk merayakan ini, tiga bulan terakhir, kami menjalankan kompetisi kreatif dengan mengajak lebih dari 8.000 kreator untuk memberikan interpretasi kreatif dari pertanyaan “Apa jadinya dunia ketika kreator menguasainya?” untuk mendapatkan hadiah total senilai 100 juta rupiah!

Dan sesuai perkiraan, mereka tidak mengecewakan kami! Kami menerima 146 karya video foto, desain, dan karya tulis yang dilihat sampai hampir 500 ribu kali!

Karya yang terdaftar, ada yang brilian, lucu, penuh dengan ide-ide gila, namun semuanya menunjukkan “karya kreatif” yang sesuai dengan ekspektasi kami dari para kreator!

Terima kasih untuk semua kreator yang sudah berpartisipasi dalam kompetisi ini, dan dengan bangga kami umumkan para pemenang dari “When Creators Rule The World”:

(p.s. Nantikan kompetisi “When Creators Rule The World” Part 2 yang akan datang di 2019!)

WCRTW Grand Winner Photography Winner
When Creators Rule The World Juara Kategori Foto

Good content creators are like a big giant UFO. Using their good content, they pull people into their circle to enjoy and get good value. This is what happens when creators rule the world.

~ Rahmat Budiman (Indonesia) ~

WCRTW Design Winner
When Creators Rule The World Juara Kategori Desain
A World Ruled By Makers

I have been part of the Philippine arts and crafts/handmade community for over five years now, and being surrounded by people who love building things from scratch and maing stuff with their own hands, it is hard for me to imagine a world that is not ruled by makers. Many of them have become my mentors, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned from my time spent with them, it’s to dream big and trust that I have what it takes to make my dreams come true.

This is the inspiration behind my entry for @GetCraft’s “When Creators Rule The World” challenge. When the world is run by people with boundless creativity and drive, I imagine it would be easier to believe and trust in your ideas, to be brave in seeing them through, to be patient when they don’t work, and to be resilient and try again. When the world is full of people who are pushing boundaries day in and day out, it would be easier follow your dreams, make your own path, and find others who are willing to support you.

We all have this desire to change the world or, at the very least, make a difference. I have come to realize that these big things come from the little things, from very humble beginnings. When the seed is planted in us—the seed of dreaming, believing, and doing—we will all be capable of making big changes in the world around us.

~ Marie Eleonor B. Lama (Philippines) ~

WCRTW Video Winner

This is a story about Mita, a street photography enthusiast, who is on a journey to comprehend the meaning behind “positive perspective” in seeing the everyday life of her surroundings.

The first scene that she encountered while she was hunting for photos in the touristy Kota Tua packed with visitors from all walks of life visiting museums or other venues of sorts offering a nostalgic nuance of the old days. This tourist attraction area is filled with hundreds of visitors everyday, which unfortunately impacts the sanitary conditions of the neighborhood and its surroundings. Trashes are everywhere and most of the visitors do not bother. The same applied on that the day she accidentally took a photograph of a young man drinking from a plastic bottle. What was shocking in the photograph, she managed to capture him having the decency after to put his plastic trash into a designated bin despite his seemingly ignorant appearance.

The second scene discovered by Mita was captured in a city park in Lapangan Banteng. She saw a child playing around in the area. What is unique about him is that he is a son of a street vendor at the park and they both were playing happily in the park and enjoying every moment of it. They were interacting and sharing what they have to each other. Without hesitation Mita captured this precious moment as proof that the joy of happiness is achievable from doing the simple things one enjoys, depending on how we view happiness, in this case a happy child simply living and enjoying the moment despite limitations in life.

These are all memorable experiences for Mita, through which she can share and spread kindness with a positive outlook on instances in life as shown in her photography.

Perception is just a part of reality. Therefore, choosing the right perspective or angle will reveal the situation of that very perception. This is how the photographer show you the real world, the real perspective of positivity.

~ SINERI Films ~

WCRTW Written Winner
When Creators Rule The World Juara Kategori Karya Tulis
Interview with the Leader of The Creatives Revolts: The Global Revolution that Toppled Governments and Put Creatives on Top

Exactly 12 months ago, citizens of the world woke up to a new rule of law. Fueled by the Pantone-jacket rallies that began in Washington, DC six months prior—so-called because of the impeccably colored jackets worn by the protestors—the historic global coup sought to topple the rapid rise of extremism, political fanaticism, and veganism; and institute a new world order placing the goals and ideals of creatives around the world at the center of the global political arena.

What began with graphic designers bemoaning the senseless proliferation of Comic Sans as the preferred font by nearly every client, led to writers and editors protesting the inclusion of “shookt” and “stan” in the Oxford English Dictionary. Then came the illustrators and artists campaigning against the absurd ban on black ink on the basis of racism. Soon, photographers, actors, directors, dancers, and other artists and creatives joined the Creatives Revolts, a protest meant to bring the issues of creatives into the public eye…

~ Peter Imbong (Philippines) ~

WCRTW Category Finalists
When Creators Rule The World Finalis Kategori Desain 1

What happen when creators rule the world?

For me the world of society will be more diverse than now, because being a creator means creating contents based on our thoughts which lead to new cultures and ideas. While creators out there spreading their ideas, we, people who got inspired try to improvised those ideas or create more!

Creativity is contagious! It can affects other people. With more creators in society, they will bring more diversity to the society. People will have high tolerance toward others and ofcourse respect! “Spread Ideas, Inspires Others!”

~ Josep Bonana (Indonesia) ~

Desain & Ilustrasi

When Creators Rule The World Finalis Kategori Fotografi 2

The world that is perceived is the world that is behaviorally important.
Creators organize and interpret their sensory impressions in order to give meaning to their environment. They move like a shadow and blinking fast as an arrow.

We believe that creators can make ethical concept, while people follow the rational decision-making model. On the edge of time, many individuals will directly think before they act. They combine rational analysis with intuition and situation, to enhance creativity.

~ Nicky Nugroho Soetarto (Indonesia) ~


We Are Peacemakers

~ Tantra Dharmakerti Parikesit (Indonesia) ~


When Creators Rule The World Finalis Kategori Written 1
Ideas Run Wild

~ Linda Raharja (Indonesia) ~

Karya Tulis

When Creators Rule The World Finalis Kategori Desain 2
Endless Creativity. Infinite Possibilities.

~ Arya Mularama Siregar (Indonesia) ~

Desain & Ilustrasi

When Creators Rule The World Finalis Kategori Photo 3

Ketika kreator menguasai dunia? Membuka celah bumi melewati galaksi, sebuah ruang tanpa lagi fiksi.

Dunianya para peraih mimpi. Kreasi bebas, tanpa sekat, dan tanpa batas. Imitasi telah punah, aktualisasi menembusnya seperti panah.

Dunia penuh kreator adalah lingkaran milik sang inkubator. Semua berlomba, mengubah yang nihil jadi sempurna. Tinggi, langit cuma dasar pijakan, mimpi bukan lagi sebuah khayalan.

Di dunia yang seperti ini, fiksi telah lama mati. Karya dan prestasi adalah sang abadi.

Melampaui imajinasi.

~ Dian Kartika (Indonesia) ~


When Creators Rule The World

~ Firdaus Khalid (UK) ~


When Creators Rule The World Finalis Kategori Written 3
Raja Pangaea Milenium

Dikisahkan pada 300 juta tahun silam, bumi hanya terdiri dari satu lautan dan satu daratan. Lautannya disebut Panthalassa. Sementara dataran luasnya bernama Pangea. Pangea terbentang dari Eurasia hingga Australia. Belum ada dinosaurus kala itu (era Paleozoikum). Begitu sampai 100 tahun kemudian. Hingga terjadi keretakan di kerak bumi, dan akhirnya terpecah menjadi benua-benua saat ini. Cerita ini disampaikan oleh Alfred Wergener pada tahun 1927 silam.

Banyak orang membayangkan betapa asyiknya bila bumi ini masih menjadi satu induk benua…

~ Fahmi Aziz (Indonesia) ~

Karya Tulis

WCRTW Category Nominees