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July 2, 2020

Writing Mastery: How to Publish a Bestseller In a Week

“A book is a dream you hold in your hands” - Neil Gaiman

I’m pretty sure if you’ve highlighted words in your favourite book or novel, have curled up in a corner wondering what was going through the writer’s mind and wanted to just write your own ending for those painfully teasing cliffhangers, then you’ve wanted to be the one on the other side. The one writing those bestsellers with people raving about them, not just in their book clubs but dare I say on social media too.

There’s just one problem - you don’t have a clue where to begin!

Well, lucky for you, we have Global Keynote Speaker, Awarded Creative Director, Uma Rudd Chia who has been on this journey herself, devouring the whole publishing book process and being Best Selling Author of a book she wrote and published in a week!

Join us in this exciting masterclass where Uma will demonstrate exactly how she started, the platform she used for publishing and how you could reel into an awesome royalty payment too.

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Thursday, 2 July

Writing Mastery: How to Publish a Bestseller In a Week

with Uma Rudd Chia (Founder of The Female Idea, Best Selling Author, Global Keynote Speaker, Awarded Creative Director, Weber Shandwick)

Time: 5 PM (GMT+8) / 4 PM (GMT+7)

All participants will receive:

(-) Recording of our LIVE WEBINAR session

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