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January 20, 2021

The Business of Creativity in 2021

Even prior to Covid-19 knowing which professionals & businesses we’re winning or struggling in ‘The Business of Creativity’ has always been a challenge, as by talking about your successes - would simply lead to more competition, and by talking about your struggles - could potentially lead to a further loss of work!

Therefore to help GetCraft’s clients & creators better navigate 2021, for this Webinar we have invited 3 expert speakers, all of whom work closely with the creative industry, yet crucially sit just on the periphery of it, meaning they are able to share unbiased opinions as to who are winning & struggling in their particular field of expertise.

Those expert speakers being as follows:

  • Charlie Thomas, CEO, The Talent Business Asia - whose experience running Asia’s leading creative executive search firm, allows him to see where there is the most demand for talent & who are the creative professionals coming out on top or not!
  • Sam Olsen, Co-Founder, MetisAsia - whose experience in helping creative & digital agencies M&A, allows him to both see which agencies are doing well enough to get bought, and who are the larger agency groups doing well enough to buy!
  • Timi Siytangco, CMO, Branded & Founder, Foolish Careers - whose experience working at Outbrain, Splice Media & now Branded, allows her to clearly see who are the media players who are thriving & struggling in today’s media landscape!

These individual 10-minute talks should all be highly enlightening & following on from this we will also have a 30-minute discussion where you will be able to directly ask your specific questions to our experts! 

Wednesday, 20 January 2021

The Business of Creativity in 2021

with Charlie Thomas (CEO, The Talent Business Asia), Sam Olsen (Co-Founder, MetisAsia) and Timy Siytangco (CMO, Branded & Founder, Foolish Careers)

At 3:00 PM (GMT+8) / 2:00 PM (GMT+7), FREE

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