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February 12, 2020

Podcasting for Brands: A Playbook for 2020

Podcasting for Brands: A Playbook for 2020

Start, launch and market your podcast to create powerful connections with your audience.

The Podcast industry is taking the content marketing world by storm. As of January 2020, there are over 30 million podcast episodes aired worldwide. 

This form of digital media is having its breakthrough moment. Luminary, seeking to be the ‘Netflix of podcasts’ has received $100 million investment before having any listener acquisition and music streaming giant, Spotify’s $500 million shopping splurge on Gimlet, Parcast and Acast is proof enough that the industry has serious potential.

Podcasts are a constant flow of cerebral information that strikes right at the intersection of productivity and downtime. Currently, there are low barriers to entry with the promise of engaging with your audience intimately.

For creators, this allows more avenues to create conversations as well as bridge the gap between listenership and subscription (monetisation). The internet of things creates a ripe ecosystem for podcasts to reach users in multiple ways - from smart cars, virtual assistants like good ol’ Alexa and smartphones.  

When it comes to business models, the American model is primary revenue based while the Chinese model is subscription based. The latter is a 7.3 billion dollar industry (20 times the size of the U.S market). This diversification of revenue streams and higher returns of investment compared to video formats is what piques the interest of brand marketers.

Whether you are a creator or a marketer, dabbling into the world of podcasts or just want to level up your podcasting game, our guest speaker, Graham Brown, will share strategies and insights on:

  • Current Podcast market in Asia
  • Brand Original Podcasts Case Studies: How it’s done for B2B and B2C podcasts
  • 5 Myths about Podcasts debunked
  • Getting Started with Podcast Process: 3Ps - Planning, Production & Promotion

About the speaker:

Graham Brown has over 15 years helping corporates, startup founders and storytellers find their voice. He is a published author, investor, Chief storyteller at Pikkal & Co and host of Asia Tech Podcast, voice of the Asian Tech Ecosystem.

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