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July 15, 2020

Land the Brand: What Clients Seek From Influencer Collaborations

The discussion for next month will be focused on the working relationship between brands and influencers. More specifically, brands can demonstrate the type of influencers they aim to work with, and their strategy in creating influencer-led campaigns.

In turn, aspiring influencers can take tips and guides on how they can maximize the usage of their existing social channels and other new emerging platforms (like TikTok, podcasts, etc.), as well as how they can create better content that suits the needs of the brand's consumers and audience.

Some guide questions that will be tackled:

(-) What do brands actually need from influencers?

(-) How can you lock-in brand partners?

(-) What are the processes of brands in selecting their partner influencers?

(-) Which metrics matter to brands?

(-) Which platforms should you explore to reach out to your audience, and your brand partners' intended target market?

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Wednesday, 15 July

Land the Brand: What Clients Seek From Influencer Collaborations

with Gerick Manalo (Celebrity Chef, Content Creator), Julien Rubio (Brand Development Executive, Jameson Irish Whiskey), Carmina de Vera - Masanque (Account Director, GetCraft Philippines), Raffy Casas (Senior VP for Network, GetCraft Philippines)

FREE, Time: 4 PM (GMT+8) / 3 PM (GMT+7)

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