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June 22, 2020

How To Build A Profitable Media Business in 2020

The last 10 years have been pretty rough for the Media industry! Digital transformation, increased competition, declining ad sales, shrinking newsrooms, a reduction in press freedom, #fakenews... just to name a few of the challenges they have faced!

​​​​​​​Yet there are glimmers of hope… the emergence of new ‘audience first’ business models, technology now making it easier to reach/monetize an audience, and while still rare media businesses are starting to report they are back making a profit!  

One such business being Tech In Asia who earlier this year announced they were on a path to profitability after a decade of testing different business models!

As such joining us on our next GetCraft Interview Series to talk about all of this will Andrew Baisley, VP at Tech in Asia who along with Patrick Searle, Group CEO, GetCraft will have a interview titled: How To Build A Profitable Media Business in 2020

Some of the topics we will cover during this interview include:

(-) The Tech in Asia story over the last 10 Years

(-) The learnings & challenges they faced

(-) The changing nature of media monetization

(-) Their experiments with adsense, events, branded content, subscriptions & other forms of revenue

(-) How they maintain their editorial freedom in light of all this

(-) Lots more!

Also for those who attend live, Andrew will be holding an exclusive online Q&A! So if you have any questions on how you can build a profitable media business, now is the chance.

This is a FREE webinar and it should be a fascinating one so RSVP fast to make sure you claim your spot!

Mon, 22 June

How To Build A Profitable Media Business in 2020

with Andrew Baisley, VP at Tech in Asia

Time: 5 PM (GMT+8) / 4 PM (GMT+7)

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