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August 27, 2020

Finding the Best Webinar Platform for You

Do your current webinar tools really suit your needs?

With the increase in online events, it is important to understand the fundamentals you should look for in a webinar platform.

Do you want extensive data from your audience? Do you want your customer’s experience to be as seamless and hassle-free as possible? Do you want your event to be interactive? Every business is different — the key is finding the right platform for you.

Find out this Thu, August 27 the pros and cons of some of the top webinar platforms of this year and how to choose the right one for your webinar programs!

Guide Questions:

(+) What are your key items/checklist in choosing which webinar platform to host your events in?

(+) What are the recommended webinar platforms?

(+) What are the features of each webinar platform?

(+) What are the pros and cons of each webinar platform?

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Thursday, 27 August

Finding the Best Webinar Platform for You

with Syarief Hidayatullah (Regional VP of Education Program, GetCraft) and Nina Lopez (Network Manager, GetCraft)

FREE, Time: 4 PM (GMT+8) / 3 PM (GMT+7)

All participants will receive:

(-) Recording of our LIVE WEBINAR session

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