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August 26, 2020

Creating Thumb-Stopping Content on Social

It's all around us. No matter where you go. No matter where you are. Like Liam Neeson... It will find you and all you're going to do is scroll. I'm talking about content. How do you transform your creative assets into something that gets a pause... That get people thinking and sharing?

According to an eMarketer study, 71% of internet users access social networks a minimum of once a month. That's about 2.46 billion. That's a great landscape to capture attention, albeit a crowded one.

The three main challenges marketers face while trying to create memorable content are:

1) Finding stellar artwork or visuals to match the messaging

2) Optimising resources from a creative team that's stretched

3) Time because you need to engage at that magic moment!

In our next installment of Crafters webinar session, we have our guest speaker Jess Tang, CMO at The Zest Group, an F&B operator with 3 Singapore concepts – Alt. Pizza, Artisan Boulangerie Co, and Green Monster Salads. She is also the co-founder of Adtomica, a multi-market digital agency.

Formerly the Marketing Innovation Lead for Johnson & Johnson’s Consumer business, Jess has been recently named APAC Innovator 25 by the Holmes Report.

Jess is going to share how to tell brilliant visual stories on social that are authentic, aid brand recall, cost-effective and scalable.

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Wednesday, 26 August

Creating Pause In a World That Doesn't Stop: Creating Thumb-Stopping Content on Social

with Jess Tang, CMO at The Zest Group, Co-Founder of Adtomica

FREE, Time: 5 PM (GMT+8) / 4 PM (GMT+7)

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