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Weekly Crafters Highlight (February Week 3)

Aren Wong
March 26, 2020

The world of content creation is wide open! Are you looking for a specific type of talent to work on projects with you? GetCraft’s network is filled with creators who have diverse styles, talents, and industry expertise.

Meet 10 more of our awesome creators in this Weekly Crafters Highlight! 

1. Marantina, Writer, Indonesia

weekly crafters highlight february week 3 marantina

Located in North Sumatra, Marantina is a freelance writer with 5 years of journalistic experience. She worked with Kontan from 2012 to 2017, where she covered topics on business, entrepreneurship, finance, and investment. Marantina’s 3 years of experience as a freelance writer has also added to her proficiency in writing on topics like sports and lifestyle. Her notable clients include: BukaLapak and Pluang.

Creator Profile

2. Jeko Reza, Writer, Indonesia

weekly crafters highlight february week 3 jeko reza

Jeko has been actively vlogging and writing for over a decade now. As a content creator, he has focused on topics within the fields of culture, film, lifestyle, and technology. Jeko uses his firm grasp of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in optimizing his content to drive traffic to his site.

Creator Profile

3. Pasca Perdana, Designer/Illustrator, Indonesia

weekly crafters highlight february week 3 pasca perdana

Pasca is in his fifth year of taking up graphic design at Maranatha Christian University. In this period, his hustle has had him successfully take on projects like event branding, motion graphics, and signage design. He is most interested in creative briefs that will allow him to develop his skills further.

Creator Profile

4. Nedel Studio, Photographer/Videographer, Indonesia

weekly crafters highlight february week 3 nedel studio

If you’re looking for a production agency that can cover your photography and videography needs, then Nedel Studio is definitely one to consider. This relatively young agency aims to find fresh and unique talent that can specialize in industries like: automotive, beauty, FMCG, food and beverage, and lifestyle. 

Creator Profile

5. Farisha Irish, Influencer, Malaysia

weekly crafters highlight february week 3 farisha irish

Farisha Irish’s creative roots are in her music. As a self-taught musician, she has been able to gain a following from releasing her own singles. She has even featured in the soundtrack of a local drama in Malaysia. On top of her success in music, Farisha is also an actress, beauty brand ambassador, and host. 

Creator Profile

6. Luis Tabuena, Videographer, Philippines

weekly crafters highlight february week 3 luis tabuena

Luis’ interest in animated storytelling manifested at an early age. His interest continued to grow, leading him to pursue a degree in film at Art Center College in Pasadena, California. Two decades after getting his film degree, Luis is now a veteran film director with many award-winning commercial ads added to his repertoire.

Creator Profile

7. Artu Nepomuceno, Photographer, Philippines

weekly crafters highlight february week 3 artu nepomuceno

Artu Nepomuceno has established a name for himself in the Philippines’ dynamic advertising scene. He began his career shooting fashion editorials and magazine covers for clients like Esquire Philippines, Rogue, L’Officiel Manila, and Scout Magazine. Since Artu moved into advertising, his client list has also expanded to include brands such as Rustan’s, Bo’s Coffee, Charriol, Harlan & Holden, and Patty Ang.

Creator Profile

8. Karen, Writer/Designer-Illustrator, Singapore

weekly crafters highlight february week 3 karen

Karen is an active editor for Seoulbeats, where her main focus is on writing articles and mentoring fellow writers. Her strong interest in culture and language has led her to broaden her writing horizons. She has journalistic experience in the arts, cross-cultural relations, and South Korean media and entertainment.

Creator Profile

9. Star Lab, Marketing Specialist, Singapore

weekly crafters highlight february week 3 star lab

After almost two decades of industry experience, Star Lab has mastered a multidisciplinary approach to digital consultancy. Its expertise includes an in-depth knowledge of research, strategy, product design, and technology which can be applied to different client industries.

Creator Profile

10. Corsiva Lab, Tech Specialist, Singapore

weekly crafters highlight february week 3 corsiva lab

Being in operation for a little over 3 years hasn’t stopped this Singapore-based web design and digital marketing agency from providing quality services to over 200 clients. Corsiva leverages data-driven marketing and the latest web design trends in order to create strategies that translate a client’s business goals into their website.

Creator Profile

Connect with talents from all over Southeast Asia with GetCraft.

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Weekly Crafters Highlight (February Week 3)

Aren Wong
March 26, 2020

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Weekly Crafters Highlight (February Week 3)

Aren Wong
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March 26, 2020

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