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Weekly Crafters Highlight (February Week 1)

Aren Wong
March 26, 2020

The number of freelance creatives in the Asia Pacific is growing — and with good reason. A 2018 report done by the talent outsourcing group KellyOCG revealed that as much as 84% of hiring managers in the region enlist the help of freelancers in tackling different projects. This should come as less of a surprise when you consider the fact that the same study also found that 43% of organisations who outsource work to freelancers reportedly saved at least 20% of their budget for labor.

Are you curious about freelancing as a profession? Maybe meeting 10 of GetCraft’s creative minds can help you decide!

photo of Sufian Suhaimi for crafters highlight

1. Sufian Suhaimi, Influencer, Malaysia

Sufian Suhaimi is a 27-year-old singer and content creator from Johor, Malaysia. The music video for his song Di Matamu (In Your Eyes) earned a spot in the Malaysia Book of Records for having the highest music video views on YouTube (Malay). Sufian’s music has also made waves outside of Malaysia — in its southeast asian neighbor, Singapore. His official Instagram account has over 1.1M followers.

Creator Profile

Faraz Shababi crafters highlight

2. Faraz Shababi, Influencer, Malaysia

Faraz Shababi is a television host and MC who discovered his passion in life early. From co-founding his own video gaming channel when he was a teenager, Faraz continued to pursue careers related to gaming. He now specializes in hosting shows and events related to video games and e-sports.

Creator Profile

SAS & ALP weekly crafters highlight

3. SAS & ALP, Strategist/Creative, Malaysia

SAS & ALP is a digital marketing agency which offers different creative services for: branding and digital marketing,  data analysis and reporting, influencer marketing, and media production. The creative visionaries behind this agency have worked with brands such as: Petron, Winezulu, F&N, and Square Box Pictures.

Creator Profile

Sion Touhig and peerpoint visuals for crafters highlight

4. Peerpoint Visuals, Videographer, Singapore

Sion Touhig, the man behind Peerpoint Visuals, has over 30 years of experience in visual storytelling. These years were spent covering international stories like the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Sion has been living in Singapore for the past 12 years. He has been flourishing in the advertising industry with Ogilvy Singapore.

Creator Profile

cinema Vérité pictures for crafters highlights

5. Cinema Verite Pictures, Videographer, Singapore

Cinema Vérité Pictures is fuelled by creative minds who specialize in producing shareable content in linear and digital platforms. Creator and founder, Jeremiah Su, is the go-to guy for clients who want to make viral videos. Jeremiah brings his vision and expertise at bringing ideas to life to the projects at Cinema Vérité.

Creator Profile

Sheenu Kapoor creative strategist for crafters highlights

6. Sheenu Kapoor, Strategist/Creative, Singapore

Sheenu Kapoor has 18 years of experience as a writer and creative strategist. His expertise was honed through years of working with global agencies in Mumbai and Singapore. Sheenu’s portfolio covers different industries, including: automotive, food and beverage, banking and insurance, and beauty and health. He has worked with international brands like Red Bull, Estée Lauder, Nokia, American Express, and Harley-Davidson.

Creator Profile

mojo Yudha for crafters highlights

7. Mojo Yudha, Designer/Illustrator, Indonesia

Mojo has almost a decade of experience in graphic design. He can work his mojo on the different design elements necessary for character design, typography, infographic creation, illustration, murals, and graffiti. Mojo has previously collaborated with GO-PAY, Huawei Indonesia, and Dejavu Indonesia.

Creator Profile

Dicky Zulkarnaen writer on crafters highlights

8. Dicky Zulkarnaen, Writer, Indonesia

Dicky has 9 years of experience as a writer in the publishing industry. In this time, he has worked with an impressive list of multinational brands. His list of past clients include the likes of Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, TAG Heuer, Mitsubishi, and Samsung.

Creator Profile

pungkas isnandar for crafters highlights

9. Pungkas Isnandar, Photographer, Indonesia

Pungkas’ portfolio spans various magazine and advertorial designs. He has worked on various projects that have allowed him to develop his conceptualization, design, editing, layouting, and production skills. His most prominent clients are Bridestory and Living Indonesia.

Creator Profile

Nicole Zara photographer for crafters highlights

10. Nicole Zara, Photographer, Philippines

Nicole is a multimedia artist specialising in graphic design, photography, and videography. She has experience working on different client requirements like infographic creation, product photography, packaging designs, and logo design.

Creator Profile

Do you want to go all out in you freelancing career? Become part of GetCraft's network!

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Weekly Crafters Highlight (February Week 1)

Aren Wong
March 26, 2020

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Weekly Crafters Highlight (February Week 1)

Aren Wong
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March 26, 2020

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