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The Secret to Enjoying Vacations When You're a Freelancer

March 24, 2020

Trade in that to-do list for your bucket list!

Everyone needs a proper vacation every once in a while — to hit pause on all the work and just take the time to enjoy gallivanting around a new city, lounging by the sea, or trekking through the terrains of nature. Whatever your dream vacation looks like, one thing's for sure: you deserve a break.

One of the most common misconceptions about being a freelancer is that you don't really need a break since you get to manage your own time with your projects and deliverables. But putting in the work even when you're outside a typical office setup can also take its toll. Before you tire yourself out and burn out, go on and take your much-needed break from the everyday hustle.

Go on vacation and commit to it! Stop checking your emails and messages and just take in your new adventure. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your vacation like a pro — make the most out of every moment while you're away.

It's all about the prep

A hassle-free vacation begins with a perfectly devised plan. It's all about taking the steps to bring that dream, guilt-free vacation to life. Try to schedule your breaks ahead of time - not only will you get the best deals on your accommodations and plane tickets, but you also get enough time to spread out your workload so you don't end up cramming everything until the last minute.

One tip that makes things a little easier is to create reasonable time tables and aim to get a significant part of your project up and running by the time you leave to avoid the hassle of follow-ups when you're away. Remember, your vacation shouldn't cause you even more stress. Manage the workload early so you can slip into vacation mode as smoothly as possible.

Let your clients know you're going off the grid

Don't leave your clients hanging! Be professional, manage their expectations and let them know ahead of time that you're going on a break. Assure them that everything will be taken care of before you leave and endorse them to the proper people in charge so they can make the necessary adjustments on their end too. The more they are aware of your plans, the less likely they are going to try to contact you for their concerns, which means more time for you to just relax and enjoy your time away from work.

Zero out that inbox

So you've booked your flight, hotel room, and your itinerary for your trip. Now comes the hard part: the nitty-gritty work of cleaning out your emails before the trip. Take the time to reply to all your emails. This is the perfect time to squeeze in all the extra work you can accomplish to ensure that you've got all your bases covered. Tie up all the loose ends so that they won't haunt you while you're away.

Who knows? Having something to get excited about could give you that motivational push to work harder and get more work done before your much-awaited trip.

Setting up the auto email responder is a must

Writing your auto-email response is probably the last thing on your mind as you daydream about your trip, but doing it will save you a lot of trouble. This can help with lessening the mountain of emails that await you when you get back. People arenÕt going to expect an immediate response because they are aware that you are on vacation. You can also opt to delegate another person in charge to redirect pressing matters to in case anything urgent comes up.

Unplug and enjoy your adventure!

Now that everythingÕs taken care of, all you've got to do is swap your to-do list for your vacation bucket list. Mute all notifications and make the most out of your time away from the hustle of freelance life. Don't feel guilty about taking that much-needed break — chances are everything will be just fine when you return, and we guarantee that you'll return refreshed and inspired after taking some time off.

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The Secret to Enjoying Vacations When You're a Freelancer

March 24, 2020

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The Secret to Enjoying Vacations When You're a Freelancer

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March 24, 2020

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