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Mikki Galang Is A Breath of Fresh (H)air

Colleen Florendo
March 12, 2020

The role  of social media has transformed dramatically over the years. From merely being a digital diary and a channel to connect people, it has evolved into one of the most widely-used advertising platforms today. Mikki Galang, however, chose to be adventurous with social media by using it as an opportunity to lobby her advocacy, “Beauty is freedom.”

She started blogging during the age of Multiply ( Gen Z people are probably Google-ing this as we speak). “Even then I already knew that I loved makeup, that’s why I took up applied chemistry and joined L’oreal right out of college,” Mikki shared in a phone interview with The Crafters. With the influx of beauty bloggers in the industry, Mikki was a breath of fresh hair (I mean, air).  “I noticed that a lot of content creators lacked the tools to create new and exciting looks,” she said when asked about her online shop “MikkiGalangHair” which houses wigs of different lengths and colors. Mikki says that the hair completes a look, so if a creator is showcasing a beach look, they might need a more vibrant hair color to bring the vision full circle.

Being a transgender woman herself, Mikki understood the struggles of transitioning, and for her, hair played a major role. Going back to her “beauty is freedom” advocacy, she said that being a blogger has allowed her to use her platform to help likeminded people. “Wigs are quite limited in the Philippines,  Mikki Galang Hair highlights self-expression so I make sure to release unique collections, so people can play around with their look and express themselves in new ways,” she said.

Since her readers look forward to different looks from her, it pushes her to think outside the box. “Recently, I’ve been attending a lot of cosplay events since I also think it’s a form of art,” she said. Her love for makeup also goes beyond good reviews. When it comes to sponsored content, she remains true to her experiences. “I’m critical whenever I give my feedback, being an applied chemistry graduate I give both the pros and cons,” she shared. If a certain brand wants to work with her, she makes sure that their advocacy aligns with hers. “Product quality is important but I also look into their brand advocacy and if they support diversity.”

At the end of the day, in order to survive in this sea of bloggers and influencers, Mikki reminds newbies that they need passion and grit. It’s a cutthroat industry, but when you have an advocacy to guide you, then you’ll surely make it.

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Mikki Galang Is A Breath of Fresh (H)air

Colleen Florendo
March 12, 2020

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Mikki Galang Is A Breath of Fresh (H)air

Colleen Florendo
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March 12, 2020

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