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Macoy Averilla Talks About Authenticity and Humor In Content

Joyce Camille Reyes
March 12, 2020

Macoy Averilla never set out to do a promotional video for Netflix’s hit series Insatiable. He also never expected to get tapped by a couple of local brands to create sponsored dubbed videos through his popular online persona “MacoyDubs.”

But when your video of the Mean Girls iconic cafeteria scene gets over a million views and more than 17,000 shares, brands can’t help but take notice.

Macoy quickly gained internet fame this year after a handful of his dubbed videos went viral. You’ve probably seen his versions of some of the most memorable scenes from The Devil Wears Prada, which, to this day, have over half a million views. His dubbed video of a scene from White Chicks has also hit close to two million views.

Authenticity... and a bit of luck

When asked about why he thinks his videos have achieved such widespread positive attention, Macoy was quick to flash a smile and say that it was actually a constellation of fortunate circumstances.

It started with him choosing a film he loved. “Mean Girls is such a memorable movie for me. It’s my favorite movie, my comfort movie, and I know it by heart,” he shares. By working with a material he knew like the back of his hand, Macoy was able to create something that resonated not just with hardcore fans, but with people who shared his humor.

According to him, another special ingredient that made the video go viral was timing. It was with luck that he released his Mean Girls video during a time when memes from the movie were starting to circulate again.

As a social media marketing lead for a media agency, Macoy had the instinct to become strategic about his videos. He took the cue from his newly gained fanbase who were starting to demand more content, and created several installments that also spread on the internet like wildfire.

Macoy also believes that authentic and relatable humor starts with looking closely at your day-to-day life and finding small things in your day that bring you joy. According to him, the scripts he writes for his videos start with very simple and relatable truths about being a Filipino. And true enough, his dubbed videos are famous for his clever use of Pinoy pop culture references.

Banking on quality

Macoy’s experience in working for a media agency also equipped him with useful knowledge in dealing with organic content. According to him, one of the biggest struggles of social media marketers is the algorithm of certain platforms. “It’s getting harder and harder for us to make sure that organic content actually gets seen,” he says. “Without the option to boost, all you have is the quality of your content.”

It’s easy to understand what Macoy considers to be quality content. While humor is such a great way to gain eyeballs for your post, Macoy emphasizes that above all, you must be able to stay true to your personality. If you want to create quality funny content, make sure it comes naturally to you, he says. Otherwise, it could easily backfire. “Humor has to be authentic because your audience will see, feel, and hear it in your voice if it’s not.”

Macoy also shared some other tips on incorporating humor in your content. Based on his experience, “trendjacking” should only be done if it’s relevant to your personality or that of the brand you’re creating content for. “Some brands try so hard to capitalize on trending topics, but only a few of them get it right,” he says. He says that this goes back to authenticity and making sure you’re not just trying to be funny for the sake of being funny.

Staying true to your personality also means saying no to brands who restrict you to the point of being unrecognizable. “Sometimes, when brands ask me if I’m willing to tone down my humor or use a more masculine voice para lang ma-promote ‘yung brand, my answer is no kasi mahihirapan ako magsulat and mahihirapan din ako mag-dub,” he shares.

“I’m not willing to compromise my humor,” he adds, saying that there’s no point creating content that he himself doesn’t find funny.

This steadfast commitment to his craft is what makes Macoy one of the most sought-after content creators in the industry today.


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Macoy Averilla Talks About Authenticity and Humor In Content

Joyce Camille Reyes
March 12, 2020

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Macoy Averilla Talks About Authenticity and Humor In Content

Joyce Camille Reyes
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March 12, 2020

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