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How To Rise Above #Foodie Photos

March 24, 2020

It used to be just a joke that avid social media users no longer say grace before eating their food; instead, they take photos. Now there’s data to back that up. Some 7 in every 10 millennials photograph or take videos of their food before digging in. That’s why your social media feed is filled with photos that make you want to sneak out of bed for a midnight snack.

That behavior is also reflected in the millions of Instagram photos hashtagged #foodporn, or the thousands of mavens who identify themselves as foodies. Restaurants and food brands have taken advantage of this slew of user-generated food content. Amid this ocean of content from foodies, how do you stand out as a content creator working with food brands and restaurants?

We’ve asked Mark Tan of Eatsplorations for tips in not only taking photos that make your followers drool but also in giving value to the clients you work with.

Au naturel is the way to go

“Usually I take photos of food the way its naturally served, no matter the lighting we’ll work around these situations,” Mark told The Crafters in an interview. When you plaster your food blog with carefully curated photos, you risk misrepresenting the food. Mark believes that it’s possible to take photos that are still mouthwatering but not manicured. This also impacts your credibility as a source of information. Some diners, he said, compare the plate in front of them to a photo they see on Instagram.

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Play with different angles

When working with food that’s difficult to shoot for Eatsplorations, Mark takes as many photos as possible while playing with different angles. “With the campaigns I’ve had, even if we have a shot list, we take at least 50 photos just to make sure we can get at least one good one,” he said. There’s no right or wrong angle when it comes to food, so you can think out the box and land a photo that pops. Instead of going for the usual flat lay, why not spice it up and take a bit out of your food? (Might as well eat right?)

Keep the background simple

Mark and Bianca of Eatsplorations prefer not to meddle with how the food is naturally served, so they add flair to their photos by adding a textured background. “I have my own styling kit at home which I use, and recently I received a wooden panel from a follower which I’ve now incorporated to my style,” Mark said. By adding a simple napkin, wood table or marble slab beneath your dish will add a dash of texture and keep the focus on the food.

Find your own style

It helps, of course, to study the food photos that are out there and how content creators are doing it, but Mark thinks what can set you apart is a style that’s unique to you. In the same manner that restaurants need a signature dish, you as a food content creator might want to have a signature look. So be as adventurous about your food photos as you are with food!

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How To Rise Above #Foodie Photos

March 24, 2020

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How To Rise Above #Foodie Photos

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March 24, 2020

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