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Alexander Thian: A Persistence for Storytelling

March 12, 2020

The star that is influencer marketing is still on the rise, as brands increasingly leverage on key opinion leaders on social media for their marketing campaigns. Amid this ever-increasing demand and popularity, influencers reflect on whether becoming a social media influencer is really that easy. Can their success be gauged simply by the number of followers on their social media accounts?

Alexander Thian is among those now asking that question. He is known in Indonesia not just as an influencer but a captivating storyteller but Alexander, or @Amrazing on Instagram, prefers to be called a ‘storygrapher’ – a combination of photographer and storyteller. His content – stories, as he calls them – always manages to engage the audience.The Crafters got to chat with him at the sidelines of a recent Indonesia Creative Meetup about his experience and how he started off as an influencer.

Alexander Thian

From a humble start to success

Alexander’s career started by accident. He never really dreamt of becoming .a social media influencer. In 2010, however, his Twitter account became quickly popular and rapidly gained followers after he shared a behind-the-scenes account of him script writing for an Indonesian soap opera.

Before becoming a script writer, he was a mobile phone salesman – a job he loved. Not one to pass up on opportunities, he accepted an offer from a friend to work as a script writer. As if out of soap operas, Alex’s life was like a zero to hero story. During his stint as a script writer, Alex got an offer to do a campaign for a brand he liked, so he decided to accept that project. He’s been a storyteller since.

Asked if he deems himself successful, Alex responded by saying that his benchmark for success is self-sufficiency. He says he can now fulfill his own needs, and the needs of those he loves, without ever having to bother anyone. He appreciates every moment with the people close to him and stay close to them (as seen by his refusal to become travel influencer). This, in turn, makes him love his ‘career’ as a social media storyteller.

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Storytelling as a task

What keeps him inspired and motivated to inspire others? Alex says inspiration is all around us; all we need to do is observe all things, big or small. As for inspiring others, Alex does not think about it consciously. He only looks to tell stories others can relate to. At the end of the day, he believes that if a story can fascinate and inspire people, “It’s a very good thing”. Alex said by becoming a storyteller, he can continuously work in a career he wants.

“With persistence, many new things can be achieved”

“I just keep telling my stories. Oh… persistence is also important. With persistence, many new things can be achieved. That’s what drives me to consistently tell stories” Alex added. Alex told the audience that in order to achieve success, one needs to be persistent. Through persistence new situations and ambitions will emerge, thereby one’s dream will never be extinguished.


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Alexander Thian: A Persistence for Storytelling

March 12, 2020

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Alexander Thian: A Persistence for Storytelling

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March 12, 2020

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