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7 Ways to Stay Healthy While Working From Home

Fatima Al-Hussaini
June 22, 2020

If you had an active routine before the pandemic, then staying home these past few months must have been a significant adjustment for you. Even if you were already used to the remote work lifestyle, things aren’t the same because a global health crisis is happening too. The stress from news sources, coupled with anxiety every time you step out, can take a toll on your well being--physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Can you relate? Hang in there. Here are a few simple self-care tips you can do to stay healthy and sane at home.

1. Create work-life boundaries

What used to be work-life balance has now transitioned into setting boundaries. At home, it’s easy for multiple roles to overlap: you’re a coworker, parent, sibling, son or daughter, neighbor, and so much more in 24 hours. It can get overwhelming to keep wearing multiple hats throughout the day with no clear distinctions. It will help to set clear working hours so you know when you can unplug and unwind.

2. Connect with nature, if possible

If you’re fortunate to live in a place where there’s a backyard or pocket garden, visit it every day for some fresh air and connection to nature. If that doesn’t sound doable, then try to bring nature inside your home by being a plant parent! It’s important to feel like we are still connected to the outside world. Taking care of plants is one way to boost your mental health, too.

3. Establish a daily routine

This may seem challenging, but it’s a must. Creating a routine will help you form a habit, synchronizing your mind and body with different tasks throughout the day. Besides precise working hours, ideally, you also have eating and sleeping times to follow. Don’t forget to include your hobbies or downtime activities in this daily schedule too.

4. Cherish your breaks

It’s so tempting to eat your meals in front of a computer, but for your benefit, close your laptop for a minute. Take real breaks and enjoy the silence or simple discussion with your family. There’s such a thing as “virtual fatigue” that you want to avoid--and setting time away from your phone or gadgets can remedy that.

5. Do home workouts

Sitting around at home all day or having low activity levels is bad for your health. Take advantage of the many free or affordable home workouts offered online today, like yoga classes or circuit training. Whether it’s a Facebook Live class, a private session on Zoom, or you’re taking it on YouTube, exercising can do wonders to the body! Try something new or make space for a tried and tested workout that you can do at home.

6. Make (and follow) to-do lists

It helps to write down all your responsibilities--and it’s so satisfying once you get to cross them out. Make categories for your task list, such as errands for the home, things you have to accomplish at work, and so on. There are even productivity apps that can make it easy for you. List down everything you need to do and note their deadlines or urgency, and try to follow them religiously.

7. Eat healthy and yummy meals

Many are guilty of snacking or bingeing every once in a while. If you find yourself taking on this not-so-clean eating habit, it would be best to wean yourself away from it slowly. Try to get a balanced meal by cooking it yourself at home--it’s much cheaper that way. If you don’t have the means to do it, ordering meal prep from small businesses can work. That way, you not only consume the good stuff, but you’ve helped a local business out, too.

One Step at a Time

Changing your routine can be another big adjustment, so take your time. While this list isn’t the be-all-end-all, it’s an excellent place to start. Over time, you’ll find activities that make you feel pleasant and productive so you can thrive while working from home. You might even find the time to search for additional opportunities by joining the GetCraft Marketplace!

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7 Ways to Stay Healthy While Working From Home

Fatima Al-Hussaini
June 22, 2020

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7 Ways to Stay Healthy While Working From Home

Fatima Al-Hussaini
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June 22, 2020

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