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7 Social Video Trends You Need To Know

Arianne Chuidian
March 12, 2020

Video is shaking up social media marketing. LinkedIn now supports video on their feed, Instagram Stories has surpassed Snapchat in monthly active users, and Facebook Video is rapidly becoming a serious YouTube competitor.

Social video content will only continue to grow in popularity among audiences and usefulness to marketers and advertisers in 2020 and beyond. Because of this, it’s important for creators to know what steps they can take in order to engage their social media communities using video.

Here are a few trends you’ll want to become familiar with as you start producing social videos.

In-video shopping

You see these commonly on Instagram Stories. Between stories of accounts you follow, ads would pop up encouraging you to swipe up to make a purchase. The format is simple: showcase your product using a short clip and then swipe to buy.

Experts also believe that “shoppable” videos will become even more sophisticated. You’ll probably soon be able to buy products or get links to them by interacting with those objects within a video.


Cinemagraphs are a photo and video hybrid gaining traction in the social media world. It’s a form of digital art that features a photo with a subtle motion, such as clouds moving or waves crashing.

This type of content is more enticing than a basic photo, but less work than a full production video. Brands may want to consider using it in social media ads to capture more impressions and engagement.

User-generated videos

User-generated content (UGC) is trusted by customers more than content created by brands. This emphasizes the importance of using UGC to build trust with your audience.

Much like word-of-mouth in traditional marketing, UGC will not be going away anytime soon in the social media marketing sphere. Brands will need to utilize this trend by encouraging existing customers to post relevant content, especially video, to improve user engagement and reach. Starting a campaign with a hashtag and asking fans to upload videos will help you gather enough content to edit and share on your client’s pages.

Short, mobile-first videos

More and more people are using their smartphones for their daily computing needs. Naturally, the number of vertical videos will continue to increase considering it’s the way we hold our phones. At the same time, with so much content being pushed to users, attention spans will continue to become shorter, and so will the duration of videos.

Brands will need to start considering putting out short, vertical video content, especially on platforms that support them fully (e.g. Instagram Stories and Snapchat), for optimal viewing on smartphones.

No-sound optimization

The rise of viewership on smartphones also means that many videos will be viewed in public settings with the sound off by default. Video creators will need to start optimizing their content by either producing videos that are not dependent on sound or by including subtitles and on-screen instructions. This ensures that all important information reaches the viewer, and also makes the video content accessible to more people.

Video influencer collaborations

Influencer marketing will only continue to grow. While most of the attention is on Instagram, marketers are starting to see the potential of YouTube influencers to promote their brand.

YouTube still is best at long-form videos, with a built-in search engine to help users find content. Brands must take advantage of this opportunity with creators on YouTube to bring their products and services in front of relevant audiences.

Video-first platforms

The past year has seen an increase in video-driven platforms like TikTok and Lasso. Users are flooding these apps with their own content, as well as following brands of interest.

Depending on a client’s target market, brands must consider whether to publish content on these platforms, collaborate with influencers, or opt-out altogether.

Videos are no longer optional in this age of digital marketing. Thankfully, authentic content matters as much as cinematography and production quality, if not more. Adapt your authentic video content to these trends to capture your client’s target market’s attention and help keep them engaged.

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For more articles about video creation, visit the Crafters.

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7 Social Video Trends You Need To Know

Arianne Chuidian
March 12, 2020

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7 Social Video Trends You Need To Know

Arianne Chuidian
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March 12, 2020

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