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5 Productivity Apps To Help You Stay Focused Working From Home

Fatima Al-Hussaini
June 19, 2020

With the pandemic forcing governments to issue stay-at-home mandates, the year 2020 has seen an exponential increase in the number of remote workers globally. The thing is, unless you were a freelancer before all of this happened, you probably weren’t ready to make that shift.

Working from home isn’t always as convenient as it sounds—especially if you have a lot of distractions or you don’t have a proper workspace. But don’t worry; you don’t have to look too far away for solutions. There are nifty productivity apps you can download today to help improve your focus while you’re working from the safety of your home.

Read on to learn five of our best picks.

1. Daywise

Social media, gaming, and other non-work-related notifications are a productivity killer. Daywise allows you to control the notifications you want or don’t want to receive at your preferred schedule. You can make sure you get notified with all the important emails and messages during work hours, and snooze all those alerts at the end of the day after you’ve clocked out.

Daywise is available for free on Android.

2. Spark

Getting too many emails at once? Spark intelligently prioritizes the messages you need to see first. This way, you'll only get notified for emails from people you know, and snooze other types like newsletters or promotions. You can also remind yourself to send replies later or set follow-up reminders for emails you’ve sent.

Spark works on both desktop and mobile for Android and iOS users.

3. Todoist

If you’re someone who needs an organized to-do list before getting their work done, Todoist is a must-have app in your life. You can easily make, define, and schedule tasks on the fly. Plus, you can convert work messages from your team into a new task or comment, having all important notes in one place.

Get Todoist on your desktop, mobile, web browser, wearables, or as an email plug-in.

4. Clockify

Getting insights on how much time it takes for you to accomplish a task can be incredibly helpful for your overall productivity too. Clockify helps you do just that, so you can accurately get a snapshot on which tasks you’re spending the most time on and vice versa.

Plus, when you use the Clockify Chrome or Firefox extension, it can track the time you spend on Todoist tasks! You can also install Clockify on your desktop and smartphone.

5. Forest

Forest is one of the coolest gamified productivity apps out there. It allows you to plant virtual trees in a forest by staying away from your phone. The longer you don’t use your phone, the more your trees will grow. The app’s users are also responsible for 800,000+ actual trees planted on the planet--a great cause to rally behind.

Forest is available for $1.99 or ₱100 on the App Store.

Get Those Creative Juices Flowing

Armed with these productivity apps, there’s no stopping you now! While it’s important to get your work done, don’t forget to give yourself a break and unwind at the end of every workday. Establishing work-life boundaries will prevent you from getting burnt out and always ready for the next day.

Now that you're on the right track to improving your productivity, you'll probably have more time on your hands for a side project or two. Open yourself up to opportunities by joining the GetCraft Marketplace!

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5 Productivity Apps To Help You Stay Focused Working From Home

Fatima Al-Hussaini
June 19, 2020

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5 Productivity Apps To Help You Stay Focused Working From Home

Fatima Al-Hussaini
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June 19, 2020

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