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5 In-Demand Skills For Work From Home Jobs In 2020

Fatima Al-Hussaini
July 23, 2020

The pandemic has increased the demand for work from home jobs, especially for those who worked in high-risk industries. Now, workers are seeking lucrative home-based opportunities and forgoing cool office perks. As such, the competition is more cutthroat than ever, especially among new freelancers.

Regardless if you want to take on a side gig or transition to remote work forever, you should possess qualities that recruiters are actively looking for in a sea of candidates. Here are the top skills you should have to gain an advantage over other applicants.

1. Project management

How adept are you in handling multiple deliverables and deadlines? It takes a lot of planning, organization, and time management skills to effectively execute tasks when you work from home. There will be distractions and unforeseen events, so you need to ensure efficiency and focus during working hours. Employers will want someone who can balance all of their demands while giving stellar results.

2. Social media expertise

Because everything has shifted online, many brands are looking for social media mavens who can market their presence on the internet. If you have the creative and analytical eye to create campaigns on major social platforms, then you’ll be a great addition to any team. So if you have an artsy Instagram feed, or you already create engaging content on Facebook, it’s time to let those things shine.

3. Tech-savviness

Work from home opportunities automatically means having an online job. You’ll be working with cloud-based technologies and internet tools to accomplish your tasks. Showing the recruiter that you’re comfortable with technology and you’re a fast learner will give you an edge. Even if you don’t have experience in your previous job, doing some self-studying via free online courses and tinkering with them yourself can help.

4. Content writing

Think you have a way with words or a knack for telling stories? Writing is still very much in demand, and your tasks can be anywhere from creating social media captions and in-art copy to press releases, blogs, email newsletters, and eBooks. As long as you’re confident with your thought organization and grammar, you can easily land writing gigs and even those high-paying freelance writing jobs

5. Critical thinking

Last but not least, critical thinking is an asset for any aspiring employee. Companies want someone who can think on their feet and solve problems with little to no supervision, especially since you’re entering a work from home set-up. It’s a plus if you’re highly analytical, or you’re willing to be trained in analyzing data so you can be more autonomous at work.

Take the Plunge and Work from Home

There are plenty of opportunities waiting for those who want to get extra income or pursue remote careers—you just need to be smart in highlighting your skills and looking for a job that meets your standards too. Everyone has to start somewhere, so don’t be afraid to test the waters with some new jobs that you haven’t necessarily done before. This might be the key to bringing your career to new horizons!

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5 In-Demand Skills For Work From Home Jobs In 2020

Fatima Al-Hussaini
July 23, 2020

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5 In-Demand Skills For Work From Home Jobs In 2020

Fatima Al-Hussaini
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July 23, 2020

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