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2020 Design Trends For Brands To Follow

March 19, 2020

Trends in visual design are always in flux. Designers are constantly coming up with new looks while also getting inspiration from the timeless aesthetics of decades past. There are even trends which take the classics and add a contemporary twist to their design. This constant change is what makes keeping up with design trends even more exciting!

Want to make sure your brand steals the spotlight this 2020? Well, you better stay ahead of the curve. Here are 5 big design trends you should adopt this year.

Going surreal

2020 design trends surrealism
Photo from Nike Epic Reacts

Heard about things going candid, real, and raw? Well, creatives from designers to filmmakers have been doing that for years now. Adobe says the semi-surreal is gaining considerable interest online.

In the same Adobe article, Nami Berglund, Curator for Behance, cites the world's economic challenges as a possible reason why people are being drawn into escapist fantasy. "The reality is that many people are struggling," she says.

Marketing that feels authentic will still be viable in 2020. However, people will also be searching for moments of brightness amidst the economic, social, and political turmoil that they are exposed to daily. Advertising will celebrate imagination and surreal, loud colors this year.

Protest art

2020 design trends protest art and activism
Photo from shutterstock.com

Youth activism is on the rise — and a prominent figure like Greta Thunberg is a symbol of the youth's — Gen Z, in particular — strong concern for the causes they personally support. Audiences all over the world are resonating with designs that echo their frustrations and their growing voice of dissent.

Expect activist art associated with movements to spread like wildfire this year. This is the perfect opportunity for you to build up your brand. Capitalize on these design trends and show your audience that your brand cares for the causes they care about as well!

The roaring 20s

2020 design trends the roaring 20s
Photo from shutterstock.com

Every year, there is always a design trend that draws from our sense of nostalgia. In the past, design trends have taken inspiration from the '80s, the '60s, and the '90s.

According to Shutterstock, audiences will be all about the aesthetic of a century ago — the 1920s. Contrary to the economic turmoil people are experiencing now, the roaring 20s was all about economic growth and prosperity. Think back to the decadence and grandeur emanated in films like Midnight in Paris and The Great Gatsby.This 2020, you'll be seeing more ornate geometric shapes, elegant color palettes, and the use of Art Deco elements. Don't be surprised to find it mixed with contemporary styles like collage too!

AR-powered visuals

2020 design trends augmented reality ar
Photo from adweek.com

Tech-based designs like Augmented Reality (AR) in filters and lenses — such as those seen in Snapchat and Instagram — will continue to grow and find audiences this year.

As a brand, you may want to look at creating branded filters to bring attention to your product! Think of how this has become a requirement for movie blockbusters and how Taco Bell was also able to bring 224 million views to its own branded lens.

More abstract data-visualization

2020 design trends data visualization
Photo from ledgerinvesting.com

It's been said for years now, but data is indeed the new oil. And in 2020, people are finally appreciating data in their media — whether those are news articles, interactive content, or other forms of data storytelling.

Alongside this new public appreciation for data, online users are now also more in-tune to seeing data in its raw-er form. In fact, things are coming full circle, as the "raw data" look is now spewing over, becoming an aesthetic, for other more creative industries.

The constant evolution of visual content is always entertaining to study. As designers, brands, and other innovators unceasingly continue to express creativity, who knows what other trends may prop up this 2020.

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2020 Design Trends For Brands To Follow

March 19, 2020

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2020 Design Trends For Brands To Follow

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March 19, 2020

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